Brian Robinson




Brian J. Robinson,
STATE OF TEXAS, and Okturia L.
“Wynde” Bigge aka Okturia
Collins aka Okturia Bigge-Robinson
aka Okturia Neal aka Okturia
Ross aka Okturia L. Ross,

Notice of Petition; and, Verified Petition for Warrant of Removal

Affidavit of Brian J. Robinson on Widespread Corruption

Motion to Proceed in Forma Pauperis

Notice of Appearance (Civil)

Demand for Jury Trial

Petitioner’s Certificate of Interested Persons and Entities

Notice of Constitutional Questions to Federal Statute 28 USC 1443

Notice of Constitutional Questions to Texas State Statutory Schemes

Notice of Constitutional Questions to EDTX Local Rule CV-81

Petitioner’s Notice of Judicial Disqualifications

Notice of Special Pro Se Litigant Rights

Notice of Pending Amendment of Petition into Complaint

Notice of Pre-Emptive Constitutional Challenge to the Unlawful Discrimination of Separate Racing Classes via Georgia v. Rachel

Notice Distinguishing Two Basic Types of Removal; and Motion of Issuance for Preliminary Relief in the Alternatives

Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis’ Motion to Remand Criminal Case

Notice of Pending Filings Triggered by Motion to Remand

Response to Motion to Strike and Motion For Sanctions

Petitioner’s Courtesy Response to Fatal and Void Motion to Remand Criminally Attempted Herin by Self-Admitted Non-Party Greg Willis

Greg Willis’ Motion to Strike Robinson’s Response to Remand

Petitioner’s Notice of Judicial Conflicts of Interest and Motion for Mandatory Recusal

Report and Recommendation of United States Magistrate Judge

Memorandum Opinion and Order

Objections to Report and Recommendations; and Demand for Full Investigations Into Willing and and Knowing Derelictions of Duties


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