Patriots for Parental Equality is dedicated to advocating for equal parenting and a presumption of 50/50 with divorcing parents or parents in a custody dispute, assuming both are fit and loving.

How do I join Patriots for Parental Equality?

Click on the Get Involved link and fill out your information. We'll keep you up to date on current legislation and events. We also invite you to Like our Facebook Page and Twitter @P4PEquality

Your Story is Our Story

We know that you share many of the same stories as our other members. If you would like to be a contributing author to our blog/press release page, please contact us at

Can I Donate to Patriots of Parental Equality?

Yes! At this time we are a completely self-funded organization who forges on at our own expense because we are passionate about our cause and our families. We are in the process of setting up a way to accept online donations and will also be holding fundraisers in the future.