Ronald Dixon

Frederick Circuit Court

Dixon vs. Dixon


Notice of Petition; and, Verified Petition for Warrant of Removal

Case Summary

Case Summary Exhibit B

Circuit Court Tracking Number Transmittal Form – Exhibit C

Count I Criminal Contempt

Motion to Reissue Summons

Show Cause Order

Notice of Appearance (Civil)

Demand for Jury Trial

Notice of Constitutional Questions to Federal Statute 28 USC 1443

  • Certificate of Service
  • Memorandum of Law in Support of Challenge to Unconstitutional Obstruction of Equal Access to 28 USC 1443 by Plaintiff Parties
  • Conclusion and Summary
  • Certificate of Service

Notice Distinguishing Between Two Different Types of Removal; and, Motion for Issuance of Preliminary Relief in the Alternatives

Memorandum of Law Clarifying Established Jurisdiction

Notice of Pending Amendment of Petition into Complaint

Notice of Special Pro Se Litigant Rights

Notice of Pre-Emptive Constitutional Challenge to the Unlawful Discrimination of Separate Racial Classes via Georgia v. Rachel

Petitioner’s Certificate of Interested Persons and Entities

Affidavit of Ronald E. Dixon Jr. on Widespread Corruption

Petitioner’s Certificate of Service for Initial Package

Order on Pro Se Removal of Case to Federal Court

Remand Letter Sent to Circuit Court for Frederick County, Maryland