Rustin Wright

Case # 73540 Docket

Verified Criminal Complaint; and Notice of Tort Claims

State – Notice of Younger Alert

Demand Letter to Lamar Count Clerk – Shawntel Golden

Exhibit A – Agreed Order in Suit to Modify Parent-Child Relationship

Exhibit B – Order Transferring Suit

Exhibit C – Notice of Total Lack of Jurisdiction

Exhibit D – Verified Affidavit of Rustin Wright on Local Bias and Prejudice

Exhibit E – Proof of Residences in Weatherford, TX and Springtown, TX

Exhibit F – Motion to Dismiss, or in the Alternatives, for Mandatory Change of Venue to Collin County, or to Set Evidentiary Hearing on Local Bias

Notice of Removal to the United States District Court

Notice of Petition and Verified Petition for Warrant of Removal

Order for Issuance of Writ of Attachment

Demand for Jury Trial

Notice of Appearance (Civil)

Notice of Constitutional Questions to Texas State Statutory Schemes

Notice of Constitutional Questions to Federal Statue 28 USC 1443

Notice of Constitutional Question to EDTX Local Rule CV-81

Notice of Special Pro Se Litigant Rights

Petitioner’s Certificate of Interested Persons and Entities

Notice of Pending Amendment of Petition into Complaint

Notice of Pre-Emptive Constitutional Challenge to the Unlawful Discrimination of Separate Racial Classes via Georgia vs. Rachel

Memorandum of Law Clarifying Established Federal Jurisdiction

Affidavit of Rustin P Wright upon Widespread Corruption

Notice Distinguishing the Two Basic Types of Removal; and, Motion for Issuance of Preliminary Relief in the Alternatives

Request for Judicial Notice, or in the Alternative, Motion for Required Hearing on the Same Issues

Notice of Judicial Disqualifications

Order and Advisory

Eastern District of Texas Docket


Petitioner s Formal Request for Clerk’s Rule 55(a) Entry of Default upon Statutory Party United States Filed 12-14-18

Petitioner s Formal Request for Clerk’s Rule 55(a) Entry of Default upon Respondent Ashley Womack Filed 12-14-18

Petitioner s Formal Request for Clerk’s Rule 55(a) Entry of Default upon Respondent State of Texas Filed 12-14-18

Petitioner’s Notice of Judicial Conflicts and Demand for Recusal and Declaration of Inability to Receive Fair and Honest Services

Affidavit of Rustin P. Wright Regarding Manifest Judicial Conflicts of Interest Filed 12-14-18

Objections to Report and Recommendations Filed 12-14-18

NOTICE of Referral for Impeachment of USDJ Amos L. Mazzant, III, or Removal for Derelictions of Office by Intentional Treason, Fraud and Willful Gross Bad Behavior Including High Crimes and Misdemeanors

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